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Hello and welcome dear visitor, to my personal website ~ Silver Steps ~ I Hope you have fun and enjoyable stay here. My Name is 'Ghada' you can call me 'TG or Kitty', and On a more personal note, I am in my twenties, a Capricorn by birth. you can learn more about me in all these pages...

*^_^* I just finished my work at this site ~Oct. 2003~ hope that you enjoy your time at the new style, hope you like my graphics work and the layout of my pages...

My wish list includes the hope that you enjoy your stay here and that my 'Silver steps' will be a valuable resource for all of you, lookin' forward to hear from u and I'll be glad to see your sign in my
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march 23. 2006
I just finished my work on a new pages for PC & IT Acronyms take a look: 'Clicky tech'

Feb 4. 2006
I've finally created A new design for the "contact me" page tell me what do you think of my new design? 'contact me'

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